Grooming available Monday-Saturday, by appointment only. All grooming services require current vaccination records.


Deep De-Shed

Full Groom

Teeth Brushing


Nail Grind

Grooming Services Offered:

Blow & Brush Out

Brush Out

Trim Up


Nail Trimming

Please call us at (937) 374-1636 to discuss which grooming services is appropriate for your pet & pricing. 


Baths available Monday-Saturday, 7 AM-Noon. Walk in baths available with current vaccination records. All baths include bathing, nail trim, & ear cleaning!

Small (1-15 lbs): $13

Medium (16-40 lbs): $15

Large (41-75 lbs): $18

Extra Large (76+ lbs): $25

Feline (Any weight): $30