Paws to Wings Pet Cremation

We offer a large array of options to help you remember your best friend. We understand that when you lose a pet, you're losing a family member: someone who was always present at your family meals, snuggled with you at night, and always listened to whatever you had to say.  We will help you through every step of the way, we promise.

At Paws 2 Wings, we take pride in knowing that you entrusted us with your pet. We are all pet owners and know the feeling of losing a beloved four legged member of the family. Because of that, we always try our best to comfort you and make the process as easy as possible for you.

Types Of Cremation

   The first decision to make is whether or not you’d like the ashes returned to you (also called ‘Private Cremation’). Or, we can scatter or scatter the ashes in our memorial garden on our property (also called ‘Communal Cremation’).

Loving Care

   We can include a favorite blanket or toy in the process, so your pet will have it in Heaven with them. Also, we will pick up your pet from the Veterinary Office or your home, or you can personally bring your pet out to our facility. From the first moment we receive your pet, we always treat them like they were our own.

Peace Of Mind

    If you prefer to have the ashes returned to you, we can personally guarantee that you are receiving your pet’s ashes only. It can take us about 7-10 business days to take care of everything and we will call you as soon as your ashes are ready to be picked up, returned to the Veterinary Office, or your home.

Memoriam Items

   We have a large selection of urns available, both on site and special order, for your convenience. Or, if you already have an urn or would like to bury the ashes, the ashes will be returned to you in a basic scatter box at no cost to you. We also offer hair clippings, paw prints, name plates, and more to help you always remember your much adored pet. 

Our prices can vary depending on services requested, so if you have any questions please call our office at (937) 374-1636. Our staff is available Monday-Saturday for you.

About Us

We're a small, family owned pet crematorium opened in 2006. We will treat your pet with the dignity and compassion they deserve. We’ll help you create the perfect tribute that is as unique as the life you shared with them.

Our Guarantee

Every step of the cremation process is done onsite, at our facility. We personally guarantee you will receive your pet's ashes in their entirety, and only your pet's ashes