At Francis Kennels, we understand you don't want to leave your pet with just anyone. You want to ensure your pet's safety, happiness, and health. And why wouldn't you? Pet's are children too. That's why we specialize in the care of dogs, cats, small (& exotic) animals. Our facility was designed from the ground up for pet care, and we make sure every owner and pet is happy during their vacation. 


First Day of Doggie DayCare is Free!

All new clients receive their first day of Doggie DayCare FREE! This helps everyone become acclimated: you, your dog, & your family. Your pup learns that we aren't so bad, and you can see how they do while you're away.

Included Services

  • A climate controlled housing, complete with a radio playing 24 hours

  • 3-4 supervised play times per day (weather permitting)

  • One-on-one walk with our dog walker

  • Group play (or individual play if that's what your pet prefers)

  • Feeding & medicating at your scheduled time & dosage

  • Comfy bedding to relax on

  • Top of the line care from our employees

  • A Report Card: Filled out each shift, monitors your pet's eating, drinking, bathroom habits



We require all dogs to be up to date on their Bordetella, DHLPP & Rabies vaccines.



Request a bath or full groom on your pup's checkout date so they will come home clean & tired!


Play Time

We LOVE group play! But pups who are unable to play with other dogs can play individually if needed. All playtimes are included in the nightly rate.



All guests stay in a location appropriate for their size, age, & temperament. We offer the Small Animal Room for small dogs, the Wellness Center for senior guests, & Main Kennel for everyone else!

Our facility is secured 24/7 by ADT Security, protecting against fire, Carbon Monoxide, & intruders.



We will send your pet's leash & collar home with you for safety reasons (the tags can get snagged on fencing, during playtimes, etc). All guests where a unique identification collar while they're with us.


Diets & Meds

We encourage you to pack the food your pet eats at home. We feed Diamond Naturals Beef at no cost, & have Grain Free varieties available for $2 per day.

All Medications are welcome. Injections are $4.99 per administration, all other medications are included in the nightly rate.

our rates

A La Carte Extras

  • Pond Play - $8.99 daily - Want Facebook photos? Just request a Pond Play!

  • Grain Free Meals - $2 daily - regardless of how many meals they eat!

  • GoPro Video - $10.99 daily

  • Peanut Butter Stuffed Kong (ask for it frozen during summer months!)- $1.99 daily

  • Ice Cream (Purrrrfect for those hot summer days!) - $2.99 daily

  • Holiday Dinner (during Major Holidays) - $4.99 daily

  • Brushing - $7.99 daily


  • Military/Police/Fire Personnel receive a 10% discount per night per pet

  • Multiple pet families receive a 10% discount per night per pet (even if the pets do not stay together!)

  • If your pet is staying 7+ nights, they receive a 10% discount per night

Discounts cannot be combined.

who is welcome to board with you?

All dogs who are up to date on their Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine, Rabies Vaccine, & DHLPP Vaccine are always welcome to board at Francis Kennels. Although it is not required, we do recommend the Canine Flu Vaccine. We do not discriminate against temperament, breed, age, or size.

Where will my Dog stay?

Your pet will stay in a climate controlled area designed for them. Small dogs (under 15 lbs) stay in our Small Animal Room. It's also our bathing room, so our bather spends extra time talking to them and checking on them. All other canine guests stay in our Main Kennel Area, where we have indoor runs according to your dog's size. Privacy panels between each run mean your dog isn't looking at their neighbor, which makes for a more quiet environment. A stereo system playing calming music makes it feel more like home.

What about food & medications?

We will feed and/or medicate your dog at their scheduled time & dosage. We do strongly recommend bringing your pet's own food to help keep their tummy calm. If it's easier for you, we feed Diamond Naturals Beef & Rice, and you can request that at drop off. Our in house food is free of corn, wheat, & soy. 

Does your dog need a grain free diet? We keep Taste of the Wild Puppy, Professional+ Adult, Professional+ Large Breed, & Professional+ Senior in stock for all stages of life. Request a grain free diet for just $2 per day, regardless of how many meals your pup eats. 

what should I bring?

We will supply your pet with plenty of bedding & bowls. Vaccination records are required at drop off, we recommend also bringing their food, toys, & treats. We will return your collar/harness/leash to you at drop off unless specified otherwise.

Special Needs

Our highly trained staff is equipped & experienced to care for your special needs pets. We understand that some pet's require extra, extra special care and we would love to go that extra mile. Please explain any special needs you think your pet may have at the time of making the reservation. Special needs may include, but not limited to: 

  • Medication Injections (i.e. insulin) - $4.99 per injection

  • Medically Fragile - $4.99 per day

  • Physically Fragile (requires assistance or a sling to be walked) - $4.99 per day

To ensure your pet with extra needs requires the very best care, we do charge a TLC fee of $4.99 per day or per injection. 

small animal care

We can care for your small animals too! We have cared for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, reptiles, birds, ducks, even fish! We can be your one stop shop for all of your pet care on your way out of town for vacation. All small animals are $10 per night & must come in their enclosure from home.