What to Pack For Your Pet's Stay

We're so excited to care for your pet! Here's what you need to pack to help them have a comfortable stay:

  • Food: We recommend you bring the diet they are used to eating at home. Whether it's dry kibble, FreshPet, wet food, raw, or cooked, we will follow your feeding instructions!
  • Medications: Any medications your pet typically takes, or even if it's just their monthly heartworm treatment happens to be needed during their stay, bring that too along with whatever you normally use to give it to them (Pill Pockets, Peanut Butter, Cheese, etc). We do have Pill Pockets, Peanut Butter, & wet food if needed. 
  • Toys: Sometimes there are rainy days where we can't play as much so interactive toys like Kong with Kong filler or knuckle bones get a lot of attention. We recommend that you do not bring their most favorite toy in the event that it gets lost or chewed. 
  • Treats: Any treats they enjoy getting with meals or after coming inside from doing their business are welcome to come! If you are fresh out of treats at home, we do have some treats at our facility that you can purchase at check in. 

That's it! We will provide the bedding and the bowls so you don't need to worry about bringing either one of those. We will also send home the collar and leash that you walk your pet in on (unless specified otherwise). Thanks & we will see you soon!