We’re expecting!

We’re so excited that the New Year also brought us expecting grandkids... kind of ;-) This past Sunday we took in a young, scared little Mixed Breed, we named her Coconut, who appeared to be expecting puppies. She was found as a stray in rural OH and went unclaimed. While in the shelter she started to show signs of pregnancy, although there was no veterinarian there to confirm. We took her to our veterinarian this week and they confirmed not only that she’s pregnant, she’s due soon! Unfortunately we don’t know date on conception or what kind of dog dad was, so we’re on our toes to meet this mystery puppies! Since she’s been with us we’ve been showering her with kisses, love, & treats. Her first day she was so scared she wouldn’t even take a treat from us, but now she thoroughly enjoys her treats and even gives us great face kisses. While this will be Coconut’s final litter (she will be spayed prior to finding her forever home), we couldn’t help but celebrate her beauty by having a maternity shoot for her. Who would’ve thought that a little stray dog with seemingly no hope would rock a floral crown and necklace. THAT is the power of rescue!