Introducing Our Newest Service!

We want our facility to be a fun place to stay for ALL dogs, but we know that some pets have a harder adjustment than others. That’s why we have developed our new daily calming program. Perfect for all sizes, ages, & temperaments, this is a 3 step system to help your pets adjust. 

1.) Bandana Sprayed with Adaptil Spray: Adaptil Spray is made to help dogs feel confident in new situations. Read more about it here.

2.) Calming Chew: We have assorted brands & formulas in house to accommodate any food allergies, grain allergies, etc. including top brands like Zukes, K-10+, VetriScience Composure

3.) Bonies Calming Bone: BONIES Calming Bone is a unique dog bone that uses all-natural ingredients made to be healthy for your dog's teeth and help maintain calm behavior. Read more about Bonies Calming Bones here

This is a daily add on for your pet while they stay with us, you may request it every day, every other day, whatever you think is best for your dog! 

Request this calming system for $4.99 per day during your pup’s stay!