What We Feed Our Guests

We always recommend you bring your pet's food from home during their stay. It's easier on their tummy, one less transition, & makes everyone feel a little bit better. But, we know it's not always plausible to pack their food from home, so we want to tell you about what we feed!

We now feed all of our canine guests Diamond Naturals Adult Beef & Rice formula. We love this food. We're actually so confident in it that it's what we feed our personal dogs. It's free of corn, wheat, and soy! Diamond Naturals is also full of probiotics, so it should help keep your pup's tummy calm even with the food change. If your dog loves it while they stay with us, we offer it with free home delivery. It even comes in a convenient 40 pound bag! Check out what Dog Food Advisor says about it here

We feed our feline guests Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat (chicken) formula. Made cage free chicken, it's corn, soy, & wheat free just like their dog formulas. 

New! Does your pet need a grain free diet?

DIamond Professional+.jpg

We now offer 4 varieties of grain free food as an optional upgrade during your dog's stay. There's grain free food for whatever stage your dog is in: Taste of the Wild Puppy, Professional+ Adult, Professional+ Large Breed, & Professional+ Senior. For just $2 per day, regardless of how many meals your pup eats, we will feed any of our grain free varieties.