Flea & Tick Season is (Unfortunately) Here!

It's THAT time of year again. Flea & tick season is upon us. Even your indoor cats need to be protected, as fleas or ticks could be brought in from outside on clothes, shoes, even the dog. Here our are favorite products to combat fleas & ticks...

  1. Seresto Collar - We love these! While most flea collars do not work, these are worth every.single.penny! Made by Bayer, these last 8 months straight, and can even get wet. They are also able to be kept on during your dog's DayCare or Boarding stay with us. Seresto Collars are made for large dogs, small dogs, even cats!
  2. Vet's Best Yard Spray - It's important to treat your yard, even if you don't already have a flea or tick problem. Deer, rabbits, squirrels could drop fleas in your yard, then being picked up by your dog or cat. We love Vet's Best because it's natural, plant based, and you can just hook it up to your hose and you're good to go!
  3. Safari Flea Comb - A flea comb is a really important tool to have in your pet supplies kit. A great time to flea comb your pet is when they laying on the couch or their bed in the evening, they will enjoy the light brushing and you'll be checking to make sure their skin & fur is clear. We chose this flea comb over others because it has a really nice handle and is well made. 
  4. Capstar - Available for small dogs & cats, along with large dogs, Capstar is a quick solution to your flea problem. Capstar is a small pill you give your pet, and over the following 24 hours the Capstar kills every flea that bites into your pet. While Capstar will not kill eggs, or fleas that don't bite in that time frame, it will help you contain your problem until you can get them in to us for a flea bath. As always, check with your vet before giving any pills to your pet that you have never given them before. 
  5. Vet's Best Home Spray - We really love how natural Vet's Best is! It's safe enough to be used on bedding, furniture, carpets, & rugs. It's even made in the USA!

These are our favorite flea & tick products. Some are before fleas, some are if you already have fleas, but we think all will help you. We have personally used all of the products on this list, we would only recommend the best.

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