Is Doggie DayCare Right For Your Dog?

Does your dog have an endless amount of energy, or is getting into mischief at home, or is having trouble making new doggie friends, or maybe all of the above?? Than Doggie DayCare may be the right choice! Doggie DayCare has a lot of great benefits that your pup can benefit from:

  • Exercise: Dogs need a lot of exercise, even the one's who aren't very hyper! Exercise is very important to help build & keep a healthy immune system. We can help your dog exercise during the day when you're busy with work or family. 
  • Interaction: Your dog will meet tons of new dogs & people when they spend the day with us. Between our DayCare and boarding guests, we have a lot of friends for your dog to meet! We always start them out slowly, one-on-one, and if your dog does well we will move them up to a bigger group. If your dog doesn't like other dogs, don't fret! They will still receive plenty of interaction with our highly trained employees. 
  • Stimulation: Dogs, like people, need stimulation. Keeps their brain sharp, it's fun, & it helps them come home tired. Doggie DayCare provides constant stimulation, especially if your dog is used to napping during the day. 
  • Energy Release: More than anything else, we help your dog release their energy! With 5 acres & a pond, we have plenty of room & time to help your dog really run wild and do dog stuff with their doggie friends!

Doggie DayCare at Francis Kennels is 6 AM-6 PM Monday-Saturday, no appointment necessary. You're welcome to pack your dogs breakfast/lunch/dinner if you'd like us to feed them during the day. We provide the bowls & toys. All are welcome at our DayCare, regardless of temperament, breed, or age. Your pup just needs to be up to date on their age appropriate vaccines & you're good to go!

If you think Doggie DayCare is right for your dog, or you have more questions, give us a call at (937) 374-1636. You can also check out our Doggie DayCare information here.

All new clients receive their first day of Doggie DayCare FREE!