Flea & Tick Season is (Unfortunately) Here!

It's THAT time of year again. Flea & tick season is upon us. Even your indoor cats need to be protected, as fleas or ticks could be brought in from outside on clothes, shoes, even the dog. Here our are favorite products to combat fleas & ticks...

  1. Seresto Collar - We love these! While most flea collars do not work, these are worth every.single.penny! Made by Bayer, these last 8 months straight, and can even get wet. They are also able to be kept on during your dog's DayCare or Boarding stay with us. Seresto Collars are made for large dogs, small dogs, even cats!
  2. Vet's Best Yard Spray - It's important to treat your yard, even if you don't already have a flea or tick problem. Deer, rabbits, squirrels could drop fleas in your yard, then being picked up by your dog or cat. We love Vet's Best because it's natural, plant based, and you can just hook it up to your hose and you're good to go!
  3. Safari Flea Comb - A flea comb is a really important tool to have in your pet supplies kit. A great time to flea comb your pet is when they laying on the couch or their bed in the evening, they will enjoy the light brushing and you'll be checking to make sure their skin & fur is clear. We chose this flea comb over others because it has a really nice handle and is well made. 
  4. Capstar - Available for small dogs & cats, along with large dogs, Capstar is a quick solution to your flea problem. Capstar is a small pill you give your pet, and over the following 24 hours the Capstar kills every flea that bites into your pet. While Capstar will not kill eggs, or fleas that don't bite in that time frame, it will help you contain your problem until you can get them in to us for a flea bath. As always, check with your vet before giving any pills to your pet that you have never given them before. 
  5. Vet's Best Home Spray - We really love how natural Vet's Best is! It's safe enough to be used on bedding, furniture, carpets, & rugs. It's even made in the USA!

These are our favorite flea & tick products. Some are before fleas, some are if you already have fleas, but we think all will help you. We have personally used all of the products on this list, we would only recommend the best.

Disclosure: Some of the links above may be affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, we earn a commission when you make a purchase through those links.

Is Doggie DayCare Right For Your Dog?

Does your dog have an endless amount of energy, or is getting into mischief at home, or is having trouble making new doggie friends, or maybe all of the above?? Than Doggie DayCare may be the right choice! Doggie DayCare has a lot of great benefits that your pup can benefit from:

  • Exercise: Dogs need a lot of exercise, even the one's who aren't very hyper! Exercise is very important to help build & keep a healthy immune system. We can help your dog exercise during the day when you're busy with work or family. 
  • Interaction: Your dog will meet tons of new dogs & people when they spend the day with us. Between our DayCare and boarding guests, we have a lot of friends for your dog to meet! We always start them out slowly, one-on-one, and if your dog does well we will move them up to a bigger group. If your dog doesn't like other dogs, don't fret! They will still receive plenty of interaction with our highly trained employees. 
  • Stimulation: Dogs, like people, need stimulation. Keeps their brain sharp, it's fun, & it helps them come home tired. Doggie DayCare provides constant stimulation, especially if your dog is used to napping during the day. 
  • Energy Release: More than anything else, we help your dog release their energy! With 5 acres & a pond, we have plenty of room & time to help your dog really run wild and do dog stuff with their doggie friends!

Doggie DayCare at Francis Kennels is 6 AM-6 PM Monday-Saturday, no appointment necessary. You're welcome to pack your dogs breakfast/lunch/dinner if you'd like us to feed them during the day. We provide the bowls & toys. All are welcome at our DayCare, regardless of temperament, breed, or age. Your pup just needs to be up to date on their age appropriate vaccines & you're good to go!

If you think Doggie DayCare is right for your dog, or you have more questions, give us a call at (937) 374-1636. You can also check out our Doggie DayCare information here.

All new clients receive their first day of Doggie DayCare FREE! 


Will You Take a Short Survey for Us?

We are hoping to add training services to our facility this year. We would love to hear your feedback!

What types of services would you like to see us offer? *

Thank you for taking the time to give us your opinion! We value & appreciate you!

Meet Our Most Interesting Furry Guests!

Did you know we have a family of goats that resides with us? Brutus, Buckeye, George, & baby Flurry! Our goats help keep the property free of pesky weeds, chemical free! We have had goats about 10 years, with our original goat (literal OG) Billy passing away last year. You may see them around chewing on some long grass or wandering around when you drop off for DayCare, but they won’t hurt you! Feel free to ask us for some goat food if you want to give them a treat.  They also enjoy leftover veggies in case you have any extra ;-)  

Adoptable Pet of the Month: Lenny!

Meet Lenny! Lenny is a cool dude. He’s a handsome orange cat, and let me tell ya, he is ALL orange cat. The personality, spunkiness, & ‘tude they are known for, he’s got. He’s playful, happy, loves toys, loves attention, loves people. He would love another cat to play with, or older kids to keep him entertained. He’s even cool with dogs! Lenny came to us when his former owners left him & his K9 brother Louie behind when they moved. They left the poor boys outside but they didn’t leave their house they knew, hoping their people would come back for them. We took in both little guys, & Louie has found an awesome home. Now it’s Lenny’s turn! Lenny is around a year old, already neutered, vaccinated, & ready to go!

If you are interested in adopting Lenny, please contact us at (937) 374-1636!


It’s Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

April 30th is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! In case you’re looking for a new family member, here are our local shelters:

Greene County Animal Control - 641 Dayton  Xenia Rd. Xenia, OH 45385 

Montgomery Co Animal Resource Center - 6790 Webster St. Dayton, OH 45414

SICSA -  2600 Wilmington Pike Dayton, OH 45419

Humane Society of Greater Dayton - 1661 Nicholas Rd. Dayton, OH 45417

We know they’ll have plenty of dogs & cats, hopefully one fits your needs!


Exciting Changes are Coming...

You may have already noticed that our Cat Room is looking a little different... That's because big things are happening!

Our Cat Room is getting a TOTAL makeover! New paint, new kitty condos, maybe even some shiplap (cue our inner Joanna Gaines) :-) We're revamping this space to make it more comfortable for our guests & their parents, making it more relaxing, & even more fun!

We have some big things planned so stay tuned for the final reveal! 

 Bean is very excited for his new room!

Bean is very excited for his new room!

Help Animals in Need from Home!

You may know that we also house rescue animals at our facility. We currently have adoptable dogs & cats waiting for their furever homes. While we love foster home and volunteers, we know that not everyone has time in their busy schedules to do those things. Here's a couple ways you can help our rescue animals from the comfort of your own home:

  • Amazon WishList: You can check out our wishlist here. Our wishlist has some necessary things on it, like food & litter, but also fun stuff like toys & treats. There's even some martingale collars & leashes so that when we take them out in public, they're under control! 
  • Sponsor a Pet: You can sponsor a pet that is staying with us. Your sponsorship will help cover the costs of their care, such as vetting, meals, etc. Your name will be proudly displayed on the animal's enclosure, & you will receive a picture of the animal you are sponsoring. You are always welcome to stop by our facility and meet the pet too. Click here to sponsor a pet!
  • Donate a Meal: You can visit our site here, to donate individual meals for only $1!

Or, did you know we take donations from your home?? If you have blankets, towels, or pillows you no longer want, our pups will love them! We are also always accepting newspaper. This is an easy way to help animals in need and won't cost you a penny!

What to Pack For Your Pet's Stay

We're so excited to care for your pet! Here's what you need to pack to help them have a comfortable stay:

  • Food: We recommend you bring the diet they are used to eating at home. Whether it's dry kibble, FreshPet, wet food, raw, or cooked, we will follow your feeding instructions!
  • Medications: Any medications your pet typically takes, or even if it's just their monthly heartworm treatment happens to be needed during their stay, bring that too along with whatever you normally use to give it to them (Pill Pockets, Peanut Butter, Cheese, etc). We do have Pill Pockets, Peanut Butter, & wet food if needed. 
  • Toys: Sometimes there are rainy days where we can't play as much so interactive toys like Kong with Kong filler or knuckle bones get a lot of attention. We recommend that you do not bring their most favorite toy in the event that it gets lost or chewed. 
  • Treats: Any treats they enjoy getting with meals or after coming inside from doing their business are welcome to come! If you are fresh out of treats at home, we do have some treats at our facility that you can purchase at check in. 

That's it! We will provide the bedding and the bowls so you don't need to worry about bringing either one of those. We will also send home the collar and leash that you walk your pet in on (unless specified otherwise). Thanks & we will see you soon!

Kennel Cough: What You Need to Know

Most pet parents have heard of the dreaded kennel cough. The dry, hacking cough can cause both you & your dog some discomfort. We want you to be as informed as possible & we want to share some insights with you about kennel cough itself. 

Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis, or commonly referred to as "kennel cough" is a respiratory disease caused by inflammation in the trachea and bronchi. The symptoms include coughing, hacking, watery eyes, & lethargy. Kennel cough can be contracted anywhere dogs congregate: kennels, doggie daycares, vet offices, dog shows, even the pet store.

According to Pet Health Network: "kennel cough can be transmitted by aerosols released when a sick animal coughs, by direct contact with an infected animal, or by the sharing of contaminated objects". Additionally, "it can also spread if a dog greets an infected dog during a walk or drinks from a contaminated water bowl at the dog park."

The AKC says most causes of kennel cough are caused by Bordetella, but some may also be caused by other agents including: "the bacteria bordetella bronchiseptica, canine adenovirus type 2, canine parainfluenza virus, canine respiratory coronavirus, and mycoplasmas, so the vaccine may not prevent your dog from catching the disease." 

It is also important to receive all of the boosters for the Bordetella vaccine. The AKC recommends that the initial dosage be given twice 2-4 weeks apart, followed by a booster every 6 months to a year. We recommend checking with your local veterinarian to see if your dog is due for a booster. 

What does Francis Kennels do to combat Kennel Cough?

We try to take every step possible to reduce the risk of kennel cough coming into our facility. All dogs that stay or play with us are required to be up to date on their Bordetella vaccine. Our dishes are washed with antibacterial dish soap, and all laundry is washed with antibacterial laundry detergent. Dishes & laundry are of course washed between use. We use Trifectant to clean our facility, & it kills 99.99% of major viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens in minutes. We also have floor, wall, & ceiling fans to keep fresh air constantly circulating through the main kennel area. 

We hope this extra information regarding kennel cough has been informative. While your dog stays with us, we do try to take every step possible to reduce the risk of them catching any illnesses. It is important to remember that like kids at school, the vaccine does not cover every strain and the risk is always there, even when taking your dog to the local dog park.