At Francis Kennels, we believe tours are very important. They enable you to see our facility, meet our employees, and receive our brochures, business cards, and even more information if necessary. They also help us know what you're really looking for and how we can best serve you.

    We understand that you're extremely busy and that's why you can come for a tour whenever you'd like. No need to schedule an appointment, worrying about getting their on time, and wondering if we cleaned extra to impress you. You can drop by at anytime and see that our entire facility is always in tip-top shape.

    However, we do recommend that you come after 12; around 1-2 is best. In the mornings, we're very busy cleaning everyone's space and then they receive walks at 11, so 1-2 is their 'nap time'. That's also our slowest time at the receptionist desk, so Mollie, Jess, Ashley, or Ally can spend plenty of uninterrupted time with you and answer any questions you may have.

    We encourage you to bring your pet(s) too so they can meet us, see our facility, and know we aren't the "Mean" vet. However, you must bring your pet's current vaccination records (or have them faxed to us), to protect all of our happy campers.