Pre-Boarding Information

Please read this information prior to bringing your pet to stay with us!

Free Doggie DayCare

New customers receive 3 free hours of Doggie DayCare. We've found that 3 hours is just enough for your dog to know you are not leaving them forever, but also get used to us. You do not need to schedule this, you can just bring your pet by with their updated vaccination records!

Booking A Stay

Holidays and summer weekends we are usually booked solid, so please plan accordingly. Otherwise, you can usually schedule whenever, and we will try our best to fit you in. To ensure your pet has a spot, it is always best to book as far in advance as possible. You can always reschedule the dates of your stay without being penalized.


We encourage you to bring your pet's food while they stay with us. It makes the transition easier on them, plus a change in food can cause upset stomachs. You're more than welcome to bring any gravy, wet food, etc. they eat also. We do require you to bring your pet's dry kibble in a sealed plastic container. Please no metal tins or glass bowls. Also do not bring your pet's bowls from home. 


We will administer any of your pet's medications while they are with us at no cost. We will follow your dosage and schedule. You're welcome to bring cheese, PB, Pill Pockets, etc. It is $5 per injection if your pet receive's injections.

7+ Nights Mandatory Bath

We're so happy we'll get to care for your pet for over a week! Because we let dogs be dogs, even the cleanest pet will probably get dirty while they're with us. Because of that, we have a mandatory bath policy if your dog stays for 7+ nights. Since it is mandatory, all baths are at a discounted rate. This way your pet comes home smelling nice and you come home to a clean, happy dog!

Medically Fragile

We will accomodate a diabetic pet, an elderly pet, and/or medically fragile pets. However, if we feel the best place for your pet to stay is the vet, so they can be under constant supervision, we will make that recommendation. 

Health Problems

Please notify us of any health problems your pet may have when you make the reservation and when you drop off. Health problems include breathing problems, food allergies, arthritis, etc. Even if your pet is not currently being treated for the illness, we need to know it exists. 


We will supply your pet with plenty of bedding and toys while they are with us, however we understand if you would like to bring your own. Because many toys and beds can get chewed while your pet is with us, we only allow you to bring items that are disposable. Please do not bring your pet's favorite blanket or toy, rather an old t shirt of yours and one of the toys (s)he rarely plays with, that way they still have the scent from home, but you won't mind if anything gets chewed!


You can also bring any treats, chewies, rawhides, etc. for your pet while they stay with us. Once again, we can (and will) give your pet our treats while they are with us. 


Your pet must be updated on their vaccinations while they're with us. Dogs must be current on Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Distemper, and Rabies. Cats must be current on Feline Leukemia, Distemper, and Rabies. You must bring a copy of your pet's current records when you check them in. We require the vaccinations to be given at least 7 days before your pet's check in date. We do not require updated Bordetella every 6 months, the 1 year vaccine is fine.

Check In & Check Out Times

We're at our facility 6 AM - 6 PM every day so you're more than welcome to pick up / drop off your pet at whatever time is most convenient for you! We ask that all pets be checked in by 5 PM, so we have plenty of time to tuck everyone in for the night. If you'd like your pet picked up/dropped off later in the evening, we offer Tranzpet service. 


We require a $25 reservation deposit to hold your pet's stay. If you were to cancel before 3 business days of your check in date, your $25 deposit will stay on your account and you can use it towards another reservation, Doggie DayCare, grooming, etc. If you were to cancel within 3 business days of your check in date, we keep the $25. If you do not cancel, and bring in your pet as scheduled, the $25 is deducted off of your final bill. Under no circumstances is your $25 refunded to you.

Extended Stay

We understand that circumstances arise that can require your pet needing to stay with us for extended periods of time. We have no problems caring for your pet for as long as you need us to, and all that we require is payment 1 month in advance. You will receive a discounted rate also. If you pick up your pet before the month is over, you will be refunded the difference.


We do require payment at the time of your pet's check out. However, if a friend or family member is picking your pet up, and you'd like to prepay, that is fine too. We accept cash, checks, cashier checks, and all major credit cards. 

Thank you for choosing Francis Kennels, we're looking forward to seeing you & your pet!