Together, we have over 90 years of pet ownership.

Our Story Francis Kennels was always a dream of mine. That dream turned into a reality in late 2001, when we opened the first boarding kennel in Greene County. We're a full service facility, offering boarding, grooming, Doggie DayCare, HappyPet Food Delivery, Paws 2 Wings Pet Cremation, and more! I am a Certified Kennel Owner through ABKA, while my wife, Mary, is an Occupational Therapist with medical experience with both pets and people. She is also our groomer. All of our employees are CPR Certified for pets. We're also members of ABKA, BBB, IPBSA, and NFIB. Today, I run the kennel full time, while Mary works with young children, along with the elderly. We have 3 daughters, 2 son-in-laws, 5 dogs, 2 cats, a lizard, a turtle, 2 grand-kittys, and 1 grand-dog. We also have 6 rescued cats, a rescued dog, and a rescued goat that reside at our facility.

 We've been treating your pets like our family for over 10 years. (That's 70 in dog years!)

Our Facility Our facility itself was built in 2000-2001. The building was a basic pole barn that we in turn finished the interior of. Inside, we have our main Back area, Small Animal Room, and Cat Room. Our Main Area has over 50 runs and 5 suites. Our runs are large, and practical. They're completely indoor, so your pet is sheltered from any harsh weather. There are privacy panels in between every run, which reduces waste, noise, and illness. The smallest runs are 3 foot by 6 foot, and the largest suite is 10 foot by 10 foot-so there's plenty of room for all shapes and sizes! In each run, your pet will have their bed, food and water bowls, and any toys, rawhides, etc.

Our Pets Currently we have 4 dogs and 2 cats of our own. Sarah is our German Shepherd, she's the "boss" of everybody else (and everybody knows it). Sophie is our newest addition, and she's the (slightly overweight) Pit Bull that wants to be a lap dog in the worst way. We have 2 little boys too: Captain and Frodo. Captain is our little one-eyed Shih Tzu and Frodo is our Pug (& Captain's BFF).  All of our dogs are not only rescued, but also sleep with us, receive way too many treats, and are at our facility often. The boys go and play with Little Doggie DayCare everyday, while the girls prefer to be at home and sleep all day.

All of our grandkids have 4 legs too: Our oldest daughter has Petey the Boston Terrier, our middle daughter has 2 cats, DC & Penelope, and our youngest daughter has Bridget the Am. Staff., Casey the JRT, and Sammy the Pug, along with a turtle, lizard, and guinea pig.  

Every pet receives the personal attention deserved.


Our Mission From the beginning, our mission has been to return your pet better than received. We do this by ensuring your pet has the best vacation possible, and leaves a facility that they want to return to. We take pride in knowing that both you and your pet are satisfied with our secure, clean, and  happy facility. We will always provide personalized care to every single pet we're entrusted with.

Come by and see us sometime, I'm sure you'll be impressed by what you see! 

Our Residents 

We have rescued pets at our facility that for one reason or another never found their new home.. So we became their new home! These guys reside at our facility permanently, and receive the same (very best) care that your pet's will receive.  

We have Chunk, the American Bulldog/Lab Mix, 4 cats: Farrah, Lily, Amy, Benny, Billy the Goat, and 2 Parakeets! 

Our Pack

 Meet our trained, certified employees that will be caring for your pets!

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