Our Main Kennel Area

  • Indoor runs, featuring privacy panel walls
  • Each run is spacious enough to keep eating, sleeping, and playing areas separate
  • Your dog will always have access to their water, food, toys, treats, and bedding!
  • Everyone receives fresh laundry daily
  • All runs are cleaned every morning, and throughout the day as needed

Small Runs (3 foot by 8 foot)

Medium Runs (3 foot by 10 foot)

Large Runs (4 foot by 10 foot)

Suites (For Extra-Large Dogs & Multiple Dog Families)

We have 2 8' x 10' suites, along with 3 10' x 10' suites, designed specifically for your extra-large dogs or your multiple dogs!


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Office Suites [For Older Dogs, or Dogs Who Need Special Attention]

For your dog that needs to have a little extra attention for medical or other reasons, we have 2 rooms right off the lobby that are air conditioned and help provide extra comfort for older dogs.

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Cat Room

Each cat suite has 3 shelves, which allows for their eating area, litter box area, and sleeping area all to be separated from each other. Each cat also gets at least an hour of time every day to run around the room and explore! The Cat Room is directly off the lobby, and the cats are actually visible from the front desk, so your cat is always supervised and checked on!

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 Small Animal Room

Our Small Animal Room is designed for smaller dogs. While their "suites" are smaller than runs,the room is much quieter than the main kennel area, which helps smaller dogs adjust better. It is also our Grooming Room, so the dogs receive tons of human interaction-something little dogs especially crave for. Even though their space is smaller, the little ones still have plenty of room to stretch their legs and play with their toys or lay on their bed!

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Remember, our rates are based on your pet's weight, so regardless of where they stay it's the same place! We will also do our best to place your pets where you want them to stay. Lastly, wherever your dog stays, they will get outside at least 4 times per day, guaranteed!