High Quality Grooming Without The High Price

Choose from one of our great grooming packages:

Basic Bath: includes bath, nails clipped, and ears cleaned. Great for all breeds!

Bath & Light Deshed: includes basic bath services + a light deshed. Great for short haired breeds: Labs, Pugs, etc.

Bath & Deep Deshed: includes basic bath services + a deep deshed. Great for dogs with a thick coat: Huskies, German Shepherds, Goldens, etc. 

Full Groom: includes basic bath services + nose to tail haircut to your specifications, specific shampoo catered to your pet's needs, coat conditioner, blow dry, brush out, cologne& a pretty bandana. Great for all breeds!

Additional services, products, & spa packages available. Please call for pricing.

 Please call our office for prices & availability. Pricing is determined by breed, size, & condition of the dog's coat.

We groom cats too!

Bath, Ears, & Nails for any cat is $25

Bath, Ears, Nails, & Brush Out for any cat is $35

Full Groom (includes bath, ears, nails, hair cut, brush out) for any cat is $45 

Grooming Policies

  • All grooming services are by appointment.
  • Please plan to drop your pet off for their grooming appointment by 9 AM.
  • Due to our large requests for grooming appointments, we will charge a late fee of $15 if your pet is dropped off after 9 AM. Additionally, there is a $15 cancellation fee and a $30 no show fee. You can always feel free to reschedule your pet's groom as needed. 

Thanks for understanding!