Grizzly Day 2 & 3 Updates

Posted by Steve Grech on Sunday, February 23, 2014 Under: Grizzly
GRIZZLY DAY 2 UPDATE: This morning his temp. spiked & the doc was concerned he could be septic. He got an extra antibiotic, & we were just told his temp is still high, but has dropped from this morning. There are also concerns that he could have distemper, which would change everything. So just keep the prayers coming! They are greatly appreciated.

GRIZZLY DAY 3 UPDATE: He's much improved from yesterday! As of last night his temperature had fallen, but he wasn't even able to lift his head. As of this morning his temperature is normal & they're even going to try to give him a tiny bit of wet food for dinner. His guardian angels are working overtime!! Thank you for all your support everyone!

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