Grizzly Update Day 5

February 25, 2014
We have sad news today, our man Grizzly passed away in his sleep last night. We're relieved he went painlessly, & he's no longer suffering. We hope he somehow knew how loved he was by so many people & how many people were rooting for him. Thank you to our donators & supporters, & thank you for all the prayers said. Thank you especially to Dr. Matt & his crew at Doctons for going above & beyond for his care. They made him feel loved in his last few days.

Grizzly Update Day 4

February 24, 2014
GRIZZLY DAY 4 UPDATE: Dr. Matt was really hopeful yesterday, as he was doing well, lifting his head, normal temp, etc. but as of this morning, this progress has regressed  Fever is back, and he is back on IV's & antibiotics. The vets are pretty worried about him today, and so are we. Please keep the prayers & hopes coming! Thank you all for your support.

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Grizzly Day 2 & 3 Updates

February 23, 2014
GRIZZLY DAY 2 UPDATE: This morning his temp. spiked & the doc was concerned he could be septic. He got an extra antibiotic, & we were just told his temp is still high, but has dropped from this morning. There are also concerns that he could have distemper, which would change everything. So just keep the prayers coming! They are greatly appreciated.

GRIZZLY DAY 3 UPDATE: He's much improved from yesterday! As of last night his temperature had fallen, but he wasn't even able to lift his head. As ...
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Grizzly Day 1 Update

February 21, 2014
Just got off the phone with our Vet, & he's doing better! He's already wagging his tail again when he sees you, rather than this morning when he was too sick to even do that. He's responding to all meds well, & hopefully he won't be there too much longer. Thank you all for your donations, prayers, & thank you Docton Animal Clinic for all your hard work!

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Grizzly Needs Your Help!

February 21, 2014

Grizzly is a sweet male Shepherd we pulled from the shelter this past Wednesday. He was found as a starving stray, weighing just36 pounds when he came into the shelter. He's a 4 year old male Shepherd, and was obviously extremely underweight. We rushed him to the vet this morning to also discover that he has Parvo. He just can't catch a break! Grizzly is now in hospitalization at the vet, and the costs are going to be huge for us. Grizzly has the perfect family waiting to adopt him once he's ...

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