At Francis Kennels, we understand you don't want to leave your pet with just anyone. You want to ensure your pet's safety, happiness, and health. And why wouldn't you? Pets are children too. That's why we specialize in the care of dogs, cats, and small (& exotic) animals. Our facility was designed from the ground up for boarding, and we make sure every owner and pet is happy during their vacation. 

Where Will My Pet Stay?

Where your pet will stay in our facility is determined by their size. If they are under 15 pounds they will most likely stay in our Small Animal Room. It's quieter and helps small dogs adjust much more easily. Medium and large dogs stay in our Main Kennel Area, where we have different sized runs for different sized dogs, including suites for extra large dogs or multiple dog families!

For your cat, we have a special Cat Room, right off our lobby. There are large windows for them to watch the birds, and a cat tree for them to lounge. 

Who Is Welcome To Board With You?

All dogs who are up to date on their Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine, Rabies Vaccine, and Distemper Vaccine are always welcome to board at Francis Kennels. We do not discriminate against temperament, breed, age, or size.

All cats who are up to date on their FPV, Rabies, & FeLV are always welcome to stay with us. 

Will My Dog Go Outside?

All of our guests get rotated outside 3-4 times per day. Because our runs are completely indoor, your dog gets taken outside by hand every time they go outside. This increases human interaction and encourages good walking techniques while on leash. If your dog likes to play (or you would like us to try them with other dogs), we will definitely find them friends while they are with us, and on nice days your dog will probably spend most of the day outside with friends. We have 5 outdoor yards, including our 2-acre private dog park, which features a pond & diving dock!

What Should I Bring?

  • Vaccination Records: Please bring your pets updated vaccination records with you at check in, or you can email it to us!
  • Food: Please bring dry kibble in a sealed container. You're welcome to bring any wet food, gravy, etc. We also have a fridge and microwave for storing/preparing your pet's meals.
  • Meds: Please bring any medications your pet may be on in plastic containers also. You are welcome to bring Peanut Butter, Pill Pockets, etc. for dispensing their medications.
  • Treats: You can bring any treats, chewies, rawhides, etc!
  • Toys: You're also welcome to bring any toys, Kongs, etc!
That's it! We'll supply your pet with their bedding and bowls, so it's less items you have to worry about bringing!

For your cat, we can provide the litter, litter box, dishes, bedding, toys, food, and treats. However, you're welcome to bring your own food, treats, and litter if desired. 

Francis Kennels Bedding Policy

Due to the fact that we give your pet fresh bedding daily, we do not allow any personal bedding to come with your pet. It is very easy for your blanket to become lost in the wash, & it becomes difficult to recover it. Rather than spend all of that time sorting through the dirty laundry, we choose to spend that time with your pet. We supply your pet with all kinds of blankets and fleece every evening right before bedtime. You're welcome to bring your pet's cot or crate from home, also, or you can rent a cot from us during your pet's stay. Thank you for understanding!

Included Services 

We'll Care For Your Pet Like You Do!

  • At least 3-4 Playtimes Outside (weather permitting) (including a walk with our Dog Walker!)
  • Group Play (or individual play if that's what your pet prefers)
  • A Report Card Filled Out Every Shift, Monitoring Your Pet's Actions While With Us
  • Feeding & Medications At Your Schedule & Dosage
  • Comfy Bedding To Relax In

Extra Services 

Extra Services To Make Your Pet Even Happier!

  • Pond Play : $5
  • Kong & Yummy Filler : $3
  • Homemade Ice Cream : $2

What Are Your Rates?

We are closed for check ins & check outs on Sundays & all major holidays.

The discounted rate applies for:

  • Multiple Pet Families (2+ pets from the same family boarding with us at the same time, they do not have to stay together, and 1 dog/1 cat families qualify!)
  • 7+ Night Stays
  • Military, Police Officers, & Fire Fighters
For extended stays (3+ weeks, special discounts are available, with pre-payment of fees)