Reducing Stress In Our Facility

Posted by Steve Grech on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 Under: General Posts
    A recent article in Pet Boarding & DayCare magazine titled "Dog-Centricity Provides a Pleasant & Relaxed Experience" tells numerous ways for boarding kennels to reduce the stress of their guests. Many of these we already do! So today we would like to tell you the suggestions they give, and what we do to help your pet have the best, possible experience when they stay with us!

    "Unfamiliar noises and smells, temperature differences, and lack of social contact all cause canine stress, By changing the environment to better suit the dog, stress is reduced. Reducing cramped and crowded kennels, providing separate areas for sleeping and outdoor space, and controlling the temperature and ventilation all help to create a more comfortable living situation."
    Our runs are large enough for both individual dogs and multiple dog families. They're also completely indoor, ensuring your dog plenty of toasty warm room in the winter and cool room in the summer! With 5 acres, and 5 outdoor yards, your dog has plenty of room outside to run and play or meander at their leisure. We also control the temperature and ventilation with wall, ceiling, and floor fans in the summer, along with propping the doors open for fresh air. In the winter we offer radiant heating, which heats the facility, your pet's bed, and even the floor!

"Dogs react to our emotions. Investing in staff and ensuring they are happy in their work will bring considerable improvements for the dogs in their care. Well-managed staff who like dogs and can substantially reduce tension in the kennel."
    All of our employees are animal lovers, and have dogs, cats, etc. at home. They all have previous animal experience, and are well trained to work with your pets. We will often go in your pet's run and just sit with them, or bring them up to the lobby to hang out with us. We know it's the little things that make a difference to you and your pet while they're with us.

"Playing classical music of certain tones and rhythms has been documented to relax dogs in a kennel environment."
    We play classical music for your pets in our main kennel area, Small Animal Room, and Wellness Center! Not only that, but we have been doing this for over 5 years. We've seen the difference it makes!

"Dogs enjoy mental stimulation. As many of us know, behavioral issues are often caused by lack of mental stimulation. Providing tough toys for dogs to play with in their kennels and play areas helps relieve the boredom of confinement."
    We have plenty of Kongs, rawhides, etc. we give to dogs if they seem a little bored, even after a long day of playing!

"Socializing, including walks and play time with other dogs, is a great stress reliever and also a good energy release."
    You know we love group play!! We do our best to find every dog a "friend" while they stay with us. And, if forever reason one cannot be found, our employees become their friend! We're constantly rotating your dog outside, just to keep them from being bored and/or stressed in their run. Dogs love to play outside, be curious, and get dirty. And we make sure to give your dog all of those opportunities and more!

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