Choosing The Right Kennel

November 29, 2012

At Francis Kennels, we realize there are many local facilities you are looking at taking your pet(s) to. We also realize that you may not feel we are the best fit for your pet(s). That's okay! Hopefully with the information below, you will receive information on how to choose the right place for your family and know just what questions to ask.

  1. First, start looking at facilities as soon as possible. Many places will up very quickly, especially during holiday periods. 
  2. Ask your veterinarian (or local veterinarians if you are new to the area) to see where they recommend. They will know of the local places and know who to call. 
  3. Contact the facility and see if you can come for a tour. Some places will let you come, but will not show you where your pet would actually be staying. Or, you must schedule an appointment, so they can clean the facility for you.  Lastly, see if you can bring your pet and if they need to have their updated vaccination records to come.
  • While at the tour, ask questions, including, but not limited to:
    • How/When is the facility cleaned? 
    • What are the vaccination requirements? 
    • Do they allow all breeds to come? Many places will not accept Pit Bulls, Dobermans, American Bulldogs, and Rottweiler’s due to their breed. 
    • Do they allow aggressive dogs, dogs that climb/jump fences, and dogs that dig? 
    • How many times do the dogs get outside? Do they get to play with others? If so, how do they know who can play with who? 
    • Do they charge extra to feed your own food? When do the pets get fed? 
    • Can you bring your pet's toys and treats? 
    • What about medically fragile pets or pets with special needs? Are they allowed to stay? 
    • Where do cats stay? Do they come in contact with dogs?

  • Besides the above questions, also make note of the following:

    • Is the staff courteous to you and your pet?
    • Do they seem to truly enjoy not only your pet, but pets in general?
    • Is the facility clean?
    • Are their hours convenient for you?
    • Do the dogs leave their run while they are there?
    • Are the runs large enough for your dogs?

Thank you for considering Francis Kennels in your search to find the perfect facility for you, your family, and (of course) your pet(s). If you do choose us, we will be happily seeing you soon! And, if you do not choose us, we wish you the best of luck at the facility of your choice!


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January 25, 2012
Welcome to our new site and our new blog! We'll try to post pictures frequently of the guests at our facility. So make sure to check back often, as you don't want to miss out!
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