We let dogs be dogs. 

We LOVE to let our guests play and have a good time. Sometimes that means they get a little dirty too... So we apologize in advance if your dog needs a bath while they're with us. But we promise our bather will have your furry friend looking good as new! Every bath includes nails clipped & ears cleaned. And, if your dog comes for a bath and playtime, the DayCare is free! 

Walk-In Baths

You can schedule a bath for your dog any day Monday-Saturday. All baths include nails clipped and ears cleaned, and of course your dog will be returned to you smelling great! Plus, if your dog receives any Salon service, Doggie DayCare is free! You can drop them off in the morning, they'll play for the day, and then receive their Spa Treatment in the early afternoon! 

Boarding Baths

Since your dog will be playing so much while they're with us, they will probably get dirty. That's why you can choose for your dog to receive a bath on the morning of their check out date! Their nails will be clipped, and their ears cleaned too! If your pet stays for 7+ nights, a discounted bath is required, so they come home as clean as possible for you! (If your dog is receiving a Check Out Bath, please do not pick up before Noon! Thanks!)

* = bath, nails clipped and ears cleaned

** = just a bath, nails not clipped and ears not cleaned